Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My peeps

Peeps means something entirely different to me. They're the reading glasses strewn all over my house. By the end of the week, there's a bunch at the front door as I exchange my peeps for sunglasses.

There are peeps in my bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. I can't seem to keep them on. And more importantly, I can't find any really cool ones that I'd want to wear all day.

There's an unmet market here folks. Whole Foods is starting to sell peeps in bright colors and that's a start but I don't want to look like Shirley the phone operator. Most of what you find in drugstores are pretty sad, fogy-looking spectacles.

So, marketing people, listen up. There's a big market for cool peeps. We may need readers to see great but we also want to look great wearing them.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Embracing the New Old

We've still got it. Parts of us may be moving south but they're still working. In many ways, we are healthier, smarter, more independent, more financially savvy and more hip than we were when we were in our thirties (and forties). We're the New Old. I'm a Geezer Chick and proud of it.

The French always knew that older women are better. They have great expressions like women of a certain age, women with elan and joie de vivre. There hasn't been a suitable moniker for American women who aren't going gently into this good night. We are boogying, learning new languages, trekking the world and working and living hard.

So, my dear friends. Let us embrace being Geezer Chicks. Let's take back the night from those who would consign us to early bird dinners and park benches. We've got, we'll flaunt it and we'll redefine geezer to suit our our definition of a great new age. No one's done aging quite like us. We're defining this new quantrant of life. Geezer Guys-- you are welcome to join us... if you can keep up.

Meanwhile, I'm heading out to yoga class. Catch me if you can. Better yet, write me and let's get a Geezer gab-fest going.

Geezer chicks of world, unite!